Right Turn Signal In Pennsylvania

Right Turn Signal SignPut yourself in the following situation: You are stopped at an intersection in Pennsylvania. The traffic light is red, and you want to make a right turn. Beside the traffic light is a sign that reads ‘Right Turn Signal.’ You check for pedestrians and cross traffic; all is clear. The traffic light is still red.

Let me ask you…Can you legally turn right on red at this intersection?

Did you say NO? If so, you are not alone. The majority of drivers do not understand the meaning of this sign. In fact, it is viewed by many, as one of the most confusing, least intuitive road signs in PennDOT’s showroom.

A ‘Right Turn Signal’ sign is posted close to a traffic signal to indicate that the signal controls right-turn movements. They appear only at intersections with dedicated turn lanes and green-arrow signals, and are intended to avoid confusion about which signals apply to which lane.

Right turn signal sign meaningOk, so what exactly does that mean? In simple terms…This sign is telling you that the traffic signal on the far right of the traffic arm, applies to vehicles turning right. When it’s a green arrow, you can turn right. Yellow means prepare to stop. And of course, red means stop. If a ‘No Turn On Red’ sign is NOT present, you may turn right on red, when it’s safe. You don’t need to wait until for the green arrow. You need to be mindful, however, that there may be left-turning vehicles coming from the opposite direction.

So let’s ask that question again. Can you legally turn right on red at an intersection posted with a ‘Right Turn Signal’ sign? YES! In Pennsylvania, unless there’s a sign that reads ‘No Turn On Red’, it’s legal to turn right on a red, after coming to a complete stop – but only when it’s safe to do so.

Ask around, see how many people think ‘Right Turn Signal’ means ‘No Turn On Red.’ The results may surprise you.